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I am truly overwhelmed!

Did Martha and my family surprise me?!  MOST definitely!  The pictures below show it!  I'm just so grateful that you were there and could share in such an exciting time for me and my family!  What a great night and without you being there, it just wouldn't have been as much fun.  All of your cards were super but most of all, your presence was gold to me!   

MANY MANY thanks to my sweet wife for absolutely slam-dunking the surprise for me.  I had no idea that I would walk into that group on Friday night.  And also a big thanks (I think!) to my misleading, elaborate excuse making, manipulating and "white-lying" kids and my dear Mom for throwing me off course so many times - I can't count them!  I have to sharpen my observation skills - this crew is dangerous!

Thanks again!  My son-in-law captured some of the fun moments and here are a few!  These pictures speak volumes about who I am and what means most to me these days!  You are surely a part of that!

Bless you!


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