Life Insurance

Life Insurance? So many types and so much confusion!
We're ready! Let us help you break through that confusion and get protection that fits your need!

If you quickly want a rate for Term life insurance, just click on our QUOTE Term Life NOW button. We'll take you to our sister site, Just enter basic information and you'll have a quote within seconds. Then, click on the application button and you're half way through the process. Competitive rates, easy to do and that's it! Life insurance from Benton White Insurance. Now that's not hard!

Here are a few of the important value added features of what we offer you:

Cash when your family might need it most.
Do you and your spouse both work? If either spouse should die prematurely, most families would be strained to meet mortgage payments and other household and living expenses. And that doesn’t take into account family goals such as providing for your children’s education. Life insurance gives you the protection of income replacement and an important cash resource.
Making sure your estate passes to your family.
You want to preserve your hard-earned estate and pass what you’ve worked for to your family. The life insurance benefit will generally pass income tax free to the beneficiaries and can be used to pay unexpected estate taxes, which could be particularly important if your estate includes assets that may not convert easily into cash, such as property or a family business. Life insurance can help you keep your estate intact for your family.
Protecting the future of your business.
Even a thriving business might not survive the loss of a key owner or partner. Life insurance can be an advantageous way to give partners and family members peace of mind. It can be one of the smartest business decisions you make.
What type of life insurance do you need?
There are many types of life insurance. Some offer protection for a specified period of time and others are permanent plans that build cash value. One of the primary reasons people select term life insurance is that it provides the maximum amount of coverage for the lowest cost. Term life insurance provides protection for a specific period, or term. It can protect you for a duration of 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years.
Take a look at our term insurance!
Why not get a quote for the protection you need? Take advantage of our Instant Quote feature from our sister website - Once you have your quote, you decide how you want to work with us — with a qualified Zurich Life representative or with us in person or by the phone. We make it easy for you!

If you have other needs such as Disability, Long Term Care, Major Medical coverage, or any other insurance need, we can help! E-mail, FAX us or call us! We're the ones who say "if it can be insured, we can insure it .... and we service it too!" Your situation is no exception.

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