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Protect what’s important with a Personal Liability Umbrella policy!

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Whether it’s a serious at-fault auto accident or an incident on your property, you can quickly find yourself responsible for damages that exceed the limits on your auto, homeowners, renters or boat policy.  And an expensive judgment is the last thing you want to worry about.  A Personal Liability Umbrella policy can help protect your assets and provide additional insurance protection.


Will your primary insurance policies be enough?

Auto, homeowners and other property insurance liability limits may not be adequate to cover a large court judgment.  The example to the right shows how easy it is to find yourself without enough coverage – even if you have high liability limits on your auto or property policy.

Enjoy peace of mind

To make it easy for you to get the right level of coverage for your specific needs, we offer limits ranging from $1 million to $1O million for customers meeting eligibility criteria. And, when you require legal defense for a covered claim, the policy helps cover defense costs such as attorney's fees and other expenses.

The driver in this fictional example was involved in an at-fault accident that resulted in serious injuries to the other driver. The at-fault driver was sued, and the lawsuit resulted in a judgment as shown below:
Judgment amount:           $1,500,000
Auto liability limit:             $500,000 (Maximum payout on the policy)
Gap in coverage:             $1,000,000 (What the driver owes)
Because this judgment was greater than the driver’s auto limits and the driver still owes an additional $1 million on the judgment, his personal assets (i.e., money in the bank, investments, personal property, etc.) could be at risk. An umbrella policy with a limit of $1 million would have helped avoid the gap in coverage. A Travelers Umbrella policy is valuable protection. We can work with you to develop a customized “At Risk” worksheet to determine what level of coverage is appropriate for your needs.

At Benton White Insurance, we’re committed to bringing you innovative insurance solutions

It's a commitment built on our nearly 50 years of combined staff experience in this business.  We want you to be protected for as many risk exposures as we can cover.  Certainly, this Personal Liability Umbrella protection is a key piece to anyone’s insurance portfolio.

We offer personal insurance offerings which include homeowners, condominium, renters, automobile, boat and yacht, and wedding and valuable items. Our full line of companion coverages offers you the convenience of dealing with just one agency with the experience you need to assist you in making the right insurance decisions.

Great companies with great service makes us one of the top agencies in this area and we’re ready to help you with your Personal Liability Umbrella protection or any other insurance coverage you may need.  Feel free to EMAIL us at or TEXT or CALL – 615.377.1212. 

We’re always ready to earn your business!

This material is for informational purposes only. All statements herein are subject to the provisions, exclusions, and conditions of the applicable policy. For an actual description of all coverages, terms, and conditions, refer to the insurance policy. Coverages are subject to individual insureds meeting our underwriting qualifications and to state availability.

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