Thursday, 26 April 2018
Homeowners Insurance!  Do You Have Enough Coverage?
We have coverage discussions on two levels most often here in the insurance agency.
  • From the customer: “I’m not sure I have enough coverage on my home or on my property.  How much is enough?”
  • From the insurance company: “You just wrote a new home insurance policy for one of your insured’s and our walk-around inspection indicates the dwelling value amount is too low.”

It’s been interesting determining dwelling values over the last couple of years simply because, as the video below will show, the price to re-construct a dwelling is higher than the purchase price of the home or property.  So that becomes a challenge to educate the insured that if your home is worth $800,000, we need to insure it for $860,000 (which includes the land).

This video gives a great view of what so many in this country are facing as we all deal with correct values for insurance coverage:


At Benton White Insurance, we don’t want to over-insure or under-insure your property!  We want to do our best to help you obtain the coverage you need if you lose it all to a fire or tornado.  That’s our ultimate goal.  We have calculation programs to determine what type of home you have and we include all of the amenities you bring to insure.  Then we approximate a ‘contractors estimate’ to rebuild that should be very close to today’s market standards.  However, something we do that not all insurance agents take time to do is to REVIEW annually your coverage’s in order to make sure that re-build pricing and inflation hasn’t affected that dwelling value number to the point that we might need to adjust it.  If you are with an insurer now that doesn’t do that, you probably aren’t insured correctly.

Let us help!  With over 50 years of combined insurance experience, we are ready to assist you with auto insurance, homeowners insurance or some other insurance need you may face.  EMAIL us at or TEXT or CALL us at 615.377.1212.  We’re here and ready to EARN your business!

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