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Homeowners or Renters Insurance?
We're ready! If you are a resident of Tennessee, we'll find you the best homeowners insurance!

If you quickly want a rate for homeowners insurance (and you're a Tennessee resident), just click on our QUOTE NOW button. We'll get a little information from you and we'll have a competitive rate back to you by EMAIL or phone within 48 hours. Thanks for letting us quote your homeowners or renters insurance!


Here are a few of the important value added features of what we offer you:


Because we are an independent insurance agency, we can find the company that best suits your property insurance needs whether you live in the city or the country. Coverage with true guaranteed replacement value endorsements and coverage with limited replacement value endorsement are available. You have a choice!
Discounts for newer homes, smoke detector discounts, fire and burglar alarm discounts, discounts for multiple policies (auto and home) and deductible discounts. Plus we'll save you $$ if you are a "mature homeowner." Flood insurance products available - at very affordable rates!
Specialized programs for high value homes. Call for rates! Save money by putting both your auto and homeowners coverage with us.
Licensed and experienced Customer Service Agents.

If you have special needs such as boat coverage, jet skis, recreational vehicles or motorcycles, we can help! E-mail, FAX us or call us! We're the ones who say "if it can be insured, we can insure it .... and we service it too!" Your situation is no exception.

Benton's Blog

A Tribute! The reality of a life ending!

I got a call Monday morning from a client of many years!  He called to tell me that his wife, a dear friend/client of mine for 39 years passed away the previous morning.  He said with the deepest of sadness: "Saturday night, we had about 3 hours together and she told me to immediately call you because she knew you would take care of all things insurance for her and me.  So I'm calling you first!"  He had not even been to the funeral home or had begun making arrangements for his 67-year-old wife...

Our Insurance Rates are STABLE! And It's GREAT to see!

Many of our customers don't realize that I personally review each policy that renews in my agency annually. I block out several hours to review how a customer's rates have been over time and what they can expect in premium on their next renewal.  Sometimes, it's painful to see some of the increases that are caused by an event that involved the customer.  There are a number of reasons a rate can change from excessive claim activity to at-fault accidents, traffic citations and many other premium affecting...

Minimize your Risk of Distracted Driving

As the spring season gets fully underway, families gear up for spring break car trips or college visits. With better weather, more drivers take day trips or plan weekend getaways. This all adds up to more drivers on the road, and more potential for distracted driving – which also increases the odds of traffic accidents with bodily injuries. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the time of year when the National Safety Council and other organizations join forces to heighten awareness of...