Are You Covered if you DRIVE or RIDE with UBER or LYFT?


Two peer-to-peer trends that are growing in popularity are ride-sharing and personal vehicle sharing, or car-sharing. Most people do not realize that their personal auto insurance policy may not cover them if they were to suffer a loss using either service.

Ride-sharing involves a transportation network company (TNC), such as Uber or Lyft, which provides prearranged transportation services for compensation. This is done by using a digital network (app) to connect passengers with drivers using their personal vehicles to transport people, goods, items or products for a fee. Individuals like to use a TNC as an alternative to taking a taxi or renting a vehicle, and those who drive for a TNC do so as a way to make extra income.

A personal vehicle sharing program, or car-sharing, provides individuals with the opportunity to list their personal vehicle(s) online for rent to others. This gives vehicle owners an opportunity to make some extra money with a vehicle that they may not often drive. It also serves as an alternative rental option rather than using a traditional auto rental agency.

If you lend your vehicle via a personal vehicle sharing program or drive for a transportation network company, please discuss this with us at Benton White Insurance to ensure that you have the right coverage. An assumption that coverage is provided for an exposure like ride-sharing vs. not having coverage could be costly if you had an unfortunate claim while driving for one of these type companies. We can easily offer a solution for you that will hopefully prevent a tragic situation.

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