Don’t Let a SPIDER Cause You to WRECK Your Auto!


I haven’t seen a story like this one in quite some time.  But sadly, these types of accidents do happen.  You’re driving along, paying attention to the road and other traffic.  Suddenly, you see something or somebody that completely diverts your attention and driving the car becomes secondary.  Not good!  Just take this example from the news a couple of weeks ago…

A New York driver crashed into a stone wall after panicking over a spider inside her vehicle, police said.

The unidentified woman noticed the critter in the driver’s area of her car on Wednesday, according to the Cairo NY Police Department. Moments later, she veered off the road and crashed.

Police said the woman totaled her car and suffered a leg injury.

The police department posted photos of the crash to Facebook, along with a warning to other drivers who may also have a fear of spiders:

“We know that it is easier for some drivers than others, but PLEASE try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place,” the department wrote. “Lives depend on it.” 

Split second decisions are tough to make especially when you fear something like spiders.  But keeping your calm sense and PULLING OVER can make all the difference in the world versus continuing to drive and protect yourself.

Hopefully, this example will help us all to think differently in this type of situation.  We all want to stay safe as well as protect others.  Remember, PULL OVER and fix it!

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