I Don’t Think I Could Insure Barbra Streisand…



Confession: I am a fan of the talent of Barbra Streisand! She’s melodic in her vocal delivery and she can deliver a message in a wonderfully crafted song unlike many others. With a career spanning more than 50 years at age 76, she remains an incredible vocalist!

HOWEVER, her driving skills leave a lot to be desired as I witnessed last week on one of my favorite video series, Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. I enjoyed the piece. They presented some of the new songs from her recently released “WALLS” album. Unfortunately, I got SO distracted with her driving story and consequently, her actual driving during the recording that it got in the way of me truly enjoying their Carpool session. Most people probably wouldn’t view this maybe as I did but my ‘insurance guy’ history and education as a producer of auto insurance policies saw many things that made me wonder: “Would I insure her?” I don’t think I could!

Take a look at the video below! I think you’ll see that she is a higher than average risk as a vehicle driver of that nice Range Rover she was in. You can watch the entire video from the start or fast-forward it to 2:21 where her driving discussion begins…



In my view, there was some serious distracted driving, and did you notice she didn’t even have the seat belt placed over her left shoulder? There were numerous ‘one hand driving’ moments, ‘eyes closed’ moments and ‘looking away’ moments where I thought – “Hey Barbra – do you truly see what is ahead of you?”

Let’s learn from this! Distracted driving is in the news these days and claims from distracted driving are at an all-time high! So when we’re driving, let’s be incredibly careful to pay attention to all surroundings while in that vehicle. Until many more people practice this, we’ll see more unfortunate accidents and our auto insurance premiums will escalate above anything comfortable if we’re all not more careful.

Final observance: James Corden often PARKS his vehicle on some of these videos and does a good job when driving – staying focused in the car. It is very possible that he and Ms. Streisand used a ‘green screen’ and she really wasn’t driving at all during this filming but the more I viewed it, the more I thought that she actually WAS driving. Let’s hope I am wrong!

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