If I drive my Grandma’s car (or friends car), am I covered!?


OK, so here’s the BASIC information for you!

Insurance follows the car, so your grandmother’s policy should cover anyone who has her permission to drive the car. Even if you had an insurance policy of your own, your grandmother’s policy would pay first if you crash her car. If you hit someone while driving her car, her liability insurance would pay for the cost of any injuries to the other driver or repairs to their car. The costs of repairing your grandmother’s car would be paid by the collision coverage – if she has it, or out of pocket if she doesn’t. You’ll be raking leaves for many years ahead to pay her back.

The bad news is that if you routinely drive your grandmother’s car, you may need to be added to her policy as a listed driver – meaning her rate calculations would include you. Young drivers have many more accidents than grandmas do (normally). So it’s likely her rates would rise.

Your grandmother might try to check out what the rate for her auto insurance would be with you as a listed driver vs. without you as a driver.  A simple call her current insurer to describe the possible driver add might be a good idea!  It’s better to find out ahead of time rather than have a claim rejected.

We answer this question often and analyze rates both with an additional driver and without.  Can we assist you?  Please TEXT or CALL US  at 615.377.1212 or EMAIL – info@BentonWhite.com .  We’re here to help and always are ready to EARN your business!

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