JOY at Christmas


I always enjoy some of the pictures and videos I see each Christmas.  One year, I blogged about the best 5 Christmas videos.  Those were hard to pick because there are always many good ones released.

I viewed this one a few days ago and caught myself smiling throughout.  When you feature a child dealing with life changing medical struggles and then you see the JOY that comes to that child among others by a good and positive act, how can you not smile?

Check this video out and see if you don’t feel the same!

Let’s all find ways to smile during this holiday season.  One of the best ways that creates a two-way street is to do something for someone else and everybody wins! (but you win more!)

We trust you are having a wonderful Christmas time and ready for the next decade.  If we can assist you with anything insurance, please let us know.  We’re easy to reach!  EMAIL us at or TEXT or CALL us at 615.377.1212.  We are always ready to earn your business!

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