Life Insurance has LIVING Benefits! News to you? Read this!


When I began in the insurance business in 1978, I trained to be a life & health insurance sales person.  I did my best to learn every angle of those policies and tried to explain the policy to prospects so they could easily understand it.  We had success in doing it which laid the firm foundation that we have today – 40+ years later.  But who could imagine then that there could be a life insurance policy where you can benefit from it IN LIFE as well as DEATH?  It’s here and is one of the most popular plans we share with folks these days.

Living benefits can and do help people. Just ask Tim Rubis, a living benefits life insurance policy holder with one of the companies that I represent.  Tim endured a stroke and lived to tell us about it.

Here is his powerful testimonial that shares the importance of living benefits and how they can help during a time they might need it most.

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Aren’t you glad we have this kind of plan to help you if you unfortunately experience what Tim has seen?  We’re here and ready to help you with this exact policy Tim mentions.  If we can help you with ANY insurance needs, we’re here and ready to “earn” your business!  We like to say … “if it can be insured, we can insure it – and we service it too!”  TEXT or CALL US at 615.377.1212 or EMAIL us at

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