Life Insurance You Can Use While You Are Living!


When I first began in this business, life insurance was referred to by many as ‘Death Insurance’ because the benefit was only available to the beneficiary when the insured dies.  Times have changed and life insurance policies have changed too!  Living benefits are now available to those who purchase today’s version of Living Benefits Life Insurance.  This type of life insurance is the only type that I write these days.  I think it’s only fair that the proceeds of a policy should help a family not only upon death but while the insured is living and needing money for an altered lifestyle.

Here’s a quick video that will give you the concept from what is actually a true story  (names changed to protect identity!


You can click the Companion Living Benefits brochure for a flyer that will give you something in print.

We can insure you with this type of life insurance and our process to do it is one of the simplest available.  The pricing we offer is most competitive and the company we write it through – Midland National is a large growing US owned company that works hard to insure all types of folks.  They most likely can insure you!  Let us help you.

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