Merry Christmas from 11 plus a bunch more!

Grandkids – Jones collage

The countdown is on!  Now just days until Christmas Day.  Don’t you love this time of the year!??  We certainly do in our family!  One of the main reasons is because of the little people that you see above (and some not so little anymore) that bless our lives. 

When I first became a grandfather (Poppy to my family!) 14 years ago, I thought: “Wow, this is neat –a new little one!  What a sweet bundle of joy she is!”  Then came another!  And another!  And another!  (I’ll stop! You get the message!)  Now, we are celebrating Christmas, 2019 with 11 “anothers” and we’re not sure that we’ve reached our grandchild limit!  We’ll have between 20 and 25 family and friends in our home to celebrate the significance of Christmas in a few days and we couldn’t be happier about it.

My family brings happiness and joy to me.  I keep telling folks that I awaken each morning knowing that my wife loves me, my kids still want some time with me and my grandkids think that Poppy is pretty cool!  I come into the office of a growing business that is like a child to me that I have nurtured for more than 41 years – serving customers, many of whom have been with me most of my career.  I have a staff (Lorry, Mandy and Nicole) who walk through each day by my side making sure that my customers are treated like we all want to be treated.  What more could I ask for? 

I know your situation is just as wonderful and blessed even though it may look entirely different.  Some who read this sadly pause during this season, remembering a loved one lost in months past, a family member hurting or someone facing traumatic circumstances in their life and the list continues.  I get that and speak to many of my customers who are facing that this Christmas.  Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you during this holiday season as you face a not so joyful Christmas.

THANK YOU for giving us the privilege of serving you with insurance whether we cover your home, auto, life, long-term-care or some other form of coverage.  We take our responsibility seriously and as I mentioned above, we do our best to treat each of our customers as we would want to be treated.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020 coming up!  May the best be ahead and the hardest be behind you.

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