New Industry Leading Services for Our Clients!


During the last 12 months, we have implemented some new and industry leading changes at Benton White Insurance.  These have been TOTALLY designed with YOU in mind – honestly!  We have always used technology to help us do what we do better.  That’s why we have been one of the leading insurance agencies in the country to go paperless/cloud based when no one else seemed to understand what that meant.  As a result of these changes, we can do what we are here to do: serve you who put their trust in what we do year after year after year.  We’re grateful for that!

Here are some items you might not have known about that we offer you:

TEXT or TALK – on our agency phone number. 

Our agency direct line phone number 615.377.1212 that we have had since the early 80’s can now be your TEXT or TALK number!  Text us any time.  We’ll do our best to respond quickly.  If you call during normal business hours, a REAL person will answer.  If you get voicemail, we get a copy of that recording within 30 seconds after you leave it. Even on the weekends, if you need us, we do our best to respond.  So TEXT or TALK – it’s here for you convenience.

Reach us direct – in real-time – from our website!

When you visit, you’ll notice this invitation on the bottom right corner of every page.  Click and TEXT – anytime – from the website.  During office hours, we’ll answer quickly. After hours, we’ll see it soon and respond.

You can file a claim from our website – 24/7

The link is here:  We give you options for immediate service on that page.  Use it for your convenience whether you have a claim to file at midnight or noon.  We are in the business of paying claims and we want this to be a carefree & easy process. 

Our AGENCY MOBILE PHONE is available.

If you have an emergency that can’t wait until our next business day, you can call the Agency Mobile at 615.712.1001.  There is voicemail setup on that phone, and we do our very best to call you back before the next business day if at all possible.  Use that anytime outside of normal business hours.  It’s there for you!

Those are only few of the updates we have implemented.  We’ll update you along the way with more!

We work hard to make insurance easy!  You have enough to do without dealing with the intricacies of insurance.  We can help!  We will break it all down, help you with the important stuff and then you can relax as we handle the rest.  A lot of our great customers believe in our philosophy because many of you have been with me most of this great 41-year (and counting) career.  We’ll keep at it!  

Thanks for trusting us with your insurance!  We want to ‘earn’ it!

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