If you listen to or watch advertisements, you don’t hear these national insurance companies talk about personalized service.  Why?  Because they really can’t!  They don’t offer it. 

I saw this in 1978 when I began this work!  My desire was and is that this agency offers one-to-one, personalized service.  With us, you have a familiar name and voice behind the transaction! My customer is never put in that awkward place where they must deal with a stranger in a cubicle in a faraway state or another part of the world.  We’re here!  We’re local in Brentwood/Nashville/Middle Tennessee!  We live and work where you do!  That’s comfort for our customers!

So, when it comes to service and/or claims, PLEASE – LET US HELP YOU!  Some customers know that and use our consistent service offer to their advantage.  But some, in the heat of the moment, call the company direct and file a claim.  As good and convenient as that is, it’s not always the best option.

No question, if you are a customer of mine and you are in an at fault multi-car accident or your home is on fire and there is a heavy loss to that property, CALL US OR THE COMPANY.  But if you have a questionable claim – one that isn’t large, maybe a slight fender-bender or you KNOW the other party is at fault and you KNOW you are not, then PLEASE – LET US HELP YOU!

We’re here to pay claims!  However, I’m very cautious about filing small claims.  For example, you have a scratch on your vehicle and to get it repaired, it costs $550 and your deductible is $500!  Let’s talk!  Or your teenage driver has a minor accident in a parking lot!  It’s his first accident and he panics – leaving the scene.  Mom and Dad send him right back to the scene.  That claim settled for less than $300. (true story – really!) First, NEVER leave the scene of an accident and secondly, call us – let’s talk.  For several reasons, that is an avoidable claim to file. 

Bottom line is this: If you know your major accident is your fault or your house is burning down or you lose a piece of jewelry at the grocery store valued at $10,000, call us or file the claim to the company!  But if you have a claim that is small and you are wondering if you should file it or not, PLEASE – LET US HELP YOU!  We could save you money in insurance premium if we make the appropriate decision with you. 

We take our one-to-one service aspect of this business seriously and we want to ‘earn our value for you’ as your insurance agency.  PLEASE – LET US HELP YOU!

We’re easy to reach!  EMAIL us at or TEXT or CALL us at 615.377.1212.  Your calls are returned quickly because we know you, we’re local and are ready to serve you – PERSONALLY!

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