So What Happens if Bart Durham Calls You?


If you watch TV early in the morning or later at night, you probably know ‘accident attorneys’ by their first name.  There is a growing interest in this country for many people who are inclined to receive compensation after a claim that they consider not their fault.  That’s when you could get a call from a Bart Durham or another accident attorney.  That could be the beginning of a pretty miserable event.  First, if they have a fileable case and then if their client is awarded damages, you are affected.  How?  Your insurance policy will cover what your liability limits show on that policy.   Second, if their claim (lawsuit against you) exceeds your policy liability benefit, your hard-earned assets are at risk.  That means your home, cars, 401K – all of it is exposed.  That’s why you are hearing more and more about Personal Liability Umbrellas.

Personal Liability Umbrellas offer an additional liability layer of protection over and above the base limits of your home and/or auto policy.  I wouldn’t be caught without one and a growing number of my customers are purchasing the product.  They tell me they sleep better at night knowing that extra protection is in place to protect them.

Let’s answer some common questions that we get here at the agency about Personal Liability Umbrellas.

Q: Who needs a personal liability policy?

A: Do you own a home, car, boat or recreational vehicle?  Do you have children or pets?  Do you entertain guests?  Do you have a swimming pool or playground?  If you answer YES to any of these, you may need an umbrella policy.  An umbrella policy is an affordable way to protect your assets from an unexpected catastrophic loss.

Q: How much does a personal umbrella policy cost?

A: If you have one home and one auto, you may pay on $150-$200 annually for $1 Million in coverage.  As your exposures increase for items such as additional autos, recreational vehicles or watercraft, the premium could increase.

Q: Do I need an auto policy and a homeowner’s policy if I have a personal umbrella policy?

A: Yes.  An umbrella policy will only provide liability coverage, where your auto and homeowners’ policies will provide physical damage coverage for events such as a deer claim or fire, in addition to providing limited liability coverage.

Q: Can you give me some examples of what a personal umbrella claim could be?

  • Your friend was driving your four-wheeler and it flipped, ejecting them.  Your friend sues you for $1 Million in medical bills
  • Your teenager posts a discriminating photo of a schoolmate on social media.  The other teen’s parents sue for $2 Million for mental anguish damages.
  • You host a holiday party at your home.  A guest is involved in an accident after having too much alcohol.  Your guest sues for $3Million in property damage and medical bills.

We talk about the need for personal liability umbrellas consistently with our customers.  Today more than ever, spending a couple of hundred dollars per year is a small price to pay for a large solution.

If we can help you with a liability umbrella or other insurance such as life insurance or long term care, we’re here and ready.  TEXT or CALL us at 615.377.1212 or EMAIL us at  We’re ready to help you with your insurance. 

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