UBER driver crashed her car and found LOOPHOLES in the insurance coverage – AND THERE ARE!


We have been entertaining questions about this issue often over the last year.  We have several customers who are driving either part-time or full-time for UBER or LYFT.  Some have been very wise to contact us about how their insurance works when they are doing that driving.  Some have forgotten to call us.  In both situations, it’s one of those “better safe than sorry later” moments.  And YES, some have been upset they didn’t’ check and their claim was denied.

I saw this story on NewsChannel 5 a few days ago and it spotlights the need to check with us if you CHANGE THE USAGE of your vehicle.  In this case, this person trusted the insurance of the car-share company and found loopholes between their coverage and her own insurance coverage.

This can happen not only in ridesharing but other uses as well.  If you begin driving your car for your business or begin being a personal taxi service for neighborhood kids amidst other things,  CHECK WITH US to be sure you are appropriately covered with your insurance.  We don’t want you facing the loopholes this person faced. 

If we can assist you with anything insurance, please let us know.  We’re easy to reach!  EMAIL us at info@BentonWhite.net or TEXT or TALK to us at 615.377.1212.  We are always ready to help and earn your business!

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