When Christmas Isn’t So Joyful!


The older I get, I realize that life isn’t always as it seems to me or us.  The prevailing theme for this time of year is joy, new starts, smiles, gifts and I could continue with the list.  But, for many – and maybe more than ever – joy is hard to find right now.

I am saddened by the number of people I have discovered that are right now going through life-changing circumstances in their lives.  In the last few days, I’ve learned of 3 people who have just been diagnosed with cancer.  A close friend suffered a stroke who was living the life of perfect health.  A 2nd child came into a family with life altering kidney issues that will affect that family’s life for many years to come.  This list goes on and on and I would imagine, you have a list of your own.  With these lists come fear, sadness, uncertainties and a Christmas where it’s hard to find joy in the midst of those struggles. 

My wife and I attended a Christmas concert a few nights ago from songwriter & recording artist Christy Nockels.  She along with her husband are Leiper’s Fork residents who have life’s struggles and challenges as we all do. As songwriters do, they find ways to put their message in a story, on paper and produce music that can relate to all of us in all stages of life.  Thus, through a time of bleakness in her walk, Christy came up with her Amaryllis Story.  Maybe this will help you during this Christmas season that isn’t so joyful but you want it to be.  You want hope and you want joy!  Let this be an encouragement to you.

Maybe you know someone who needs a ‘good word’ or a smile to bring joy into their Christmas.  Forward this blog post along to them to offer your encouragement in the struggles they are facing.

We want you to have the best Christmas and New Year possible.  From all of us at Benton White Insurance, we wish you peace during this Christmas season and New Year to come!

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